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Monday, November 3, 2014

Wrap it Up!

I bet we shipped more wraps than your local deli this week! Well, I'm talking about spa wraps! They look so warm and comfortable - I'd love to throw one of these on after a hot shower while sipping an ice cold beer... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Coral Fleece Spa Wrap HERE ... and loads more spa wraps HERE!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cozy up with the Herbal Warming Scarf!

 Not only is the Eco-Fin Herbal Fleece-n-Minky Scarf with Mitts a great item to offer to your clients, it is also a great item to keep around for when you need a little warmth while performing your services! It's perfect for this time of year to offer to clients if they are feeling a bit chilly. The neck and pockets of the Herbal Warming Scarf are lined with 12 natural herbs and grains. The entire scarf can be heated in the microwave for long-lasting warmth and comfort! It’s made of ultra soft fabric and features two extra deep pockets to keep hands cozy. This warming scarf will help relive stress and tension while keeping you warm and toasty! This is definitely an item I would love to keep around during the winter months!