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Friday, December 5, 2014

Expanding Your Spa Business: Family-Friendly Spas in Trend

It seems like everywhere I look, someone is buzzing about the amazing Family Spa Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii. With a culture becoming more and more focused on healthy living and well-being, it doesn't surprise me at all that family-oriented spas are trending now - and hopefully are here to stay. However, do we HAVE to take a trip all the way to Hawaii to share a spa experience with our family?

I hope the resounding answer is NO. I mean, I am certainly not knocking a trip to Hawaii, that's for sure, but  it might be fun to spend a day at the spa with my family without having to take a 9 hour flight.

However, all this buzz leads me to believe that family-friendly spas have a huge market that has only begun to be tapped. See below for some tips to make your spa more family friendly!

Family Friendly Spa Treatments

  1. Offer a child/teen menu. Services to include: Child mani/pedi, teen acne facial, Mom/Daughter or Father/Son Massages
  2. Mix-It-Yourself Scrub Bars. Get the whole family involved to create the perfect scrub, then use the scrub during a child's pedicure. Let them choose their scents, oils, and bases to make a truly customized treatment. Offer To-Go Jars so kids can create and take their scrubs home!
  3. Mini Makeup Applications. Use a light hand to apply blush, eye shadow, and lip gloss to make your tiny-sized clients feel like princesses!
Some Tips to Remember
  1. As children have shorter attention spans, truncated services are best. Schedule 25 minute massages, mini-facials, and mini manis or pedis.
  2. Offer themed services: Ice Cream Mani/Pedi, Chocolate Massages, Peppermint Facials, etc. By catching a child's interest in the products you are using, the child will be fascinated by the whole process, and likely sit still and enjoy!
  3. Offer discounted child services with the purchase of a parent's service. If Mom comes in for a full manicure and pedicure, offer a child's mini mani and pedi at a discounted rate to secure another client!
  4. Offer a family-friendly waiting area with TVs, computers, magazines, books, and toys geared toward different age groups. This way, even if the mini-sessions are completed before Mom or Dad's full service, the kids are entertained!
Have you embraced this family-friendly spa trend? I would love to hear about your unique take on family spa services!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Things Looking Up? US Spa Revenues On the Rise

ISPA reports that in 2012, the US Spa industry saw a 4.5% increase in revenue over the previous year, something that translates to a total revenue in the tune of $13.4 billion this year. That is great news for every spa and salon owner out there!

What is interesting is that the same report from ISPA also notes that a whopping 83% of all spas polled made some sort of change to their business this year.

In order to remain competitive and relevant in this world, we must always be evolving. The same goes for your business! I have listed a few suggestions below that you can easily implement in order to maintain your competitive edge!
  1. Expand your treatment menu. Add seasonal treatments, as well as specialized treatments for men, teens, or other niche markets.
  2. Take an "A LA CARTE" approach. Clients are looking to customize their treatments more and more. Schedule blocks of time and allow clients to choose from a variety of shorter services to fill up the block of time.
  3. Offer fresh, new, and exciting retail lines. Only offer retail products you are proud to offer - your excitement will be infectious, and you will sell a whole lot more if you love the products! 
  4. Offer drinks and small refreshments in your reception area. By offering even simple touches of hospitality, word will spread like wildfire that your business offers an experience, not just treatments.
Contact Pure Spa Direct at 800-434-0018 today to speak with our friendly Customer Service Reps about these, and many other ideas to expand your business and continue to grow!