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Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't Just Push them, Remove Them!

Don't just push cuticles back, remove them! Star Nails Cuticle Remover is unbelievably effective and inexpensive! Cuticle Remover,by STAR NAIL is the your cuticles worst nightmare, and your clients dream product! The creamy pink formula is both appealing to the eye and soothing to the nail!

Available in 3 Different sizes, there is a size that meets everyones needs. The 1/2 oz. is perfect for personal and retail use, as well as small stations. The 2.5 oz. comes in the perfect bottle. The pretty round bottle has a slight slant on the bottom making application effortless. This bottle is small enough to fit at any station and pretty enough to leave out at all times. The 16 oz. is perfect for refilling the smaller sizes. Instead of purchasing the smaller bottles all the time you can just refill them with the 16 oz.

With all the cuticle removers out there, its hard to choose one. I have tried many different ones over the years and I have loved a lot of them. I would recommend many other Cuticle Remover along with Star Nail's, but the reason I felt the need to write about the Cuticle Remover by Star Nail is because I feel that it is the universal Cuticle Remover. It is trusted by Nail Techs and loved by clients! The rich and creamy formula is not harsh on the nail and makes the removal process quick and easy. It's not just the colors that is attractive - the price is also appealing. For such an effective product it's hard to believe that is priced so well. I absolutely love the formula of STAR NAIL Cuticle Remover!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Manicurist MUST HAVE - CND Cuticle Away -- Our TOP PICK for Effective Cuticle Removal

This product blew me away.  I have tried so many different cuticle removers both professional and consumer grade - but NEVER experienced the beautiful results like this product delivers.  Made especially for the nail professional, this product quickly, gently and  effectively dissolves dead skin (cuticle) for easy removal from the nail plate.  Quite simply, this product makes your job as a nail tech MUCH EASIER, and the clients get a top-notch manicure as a result!

Gently spread a pearl size amount onto each nail and wait about 1 minute.  The Sodium Hydroxide quickly loosens the ugly cuticle plaque build-up on nails making removal a breeze. The aloe counteracts the drying effect of Sodium Hydroxide, but it is also very important to the products neutralize with soap and water. This amazing gel-serum can also be used to break down tough calluses during pedicures. Check out this video on a natural nails manicure using CND CuticleAway.