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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Are You A School Looking For Student Kits?

Look no further! Pure Spa Direct has you covered for all of your newly enrolled students!

The Cosmetology Kit with Tote Bag allows your students to practice perfect hair styling and coloring in an easy-to-carry way as it comes with a nylon tote!

 The kit includes 3 aristocrat combs, scalp master 1250 watt dryer, vinyl shampoo cape and 2 brushes; 5-1/2" cutting and 7-3/4" single tooth thinning shears from Diamond Ice and Soft 'n Style cold wave rods, duck bill clips, butterfly clamps, steel pin curl clips, vinyl gloves and dye brush. It also contains 3/4" chrome spring curling iron from Hair Country, stainless steel ejector shaper from Diamond Edge, and manikin with H-222 holder from Celebrity Sam II!

An amazing kit, for an amazing price! Your students, and their wallets will thank you!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Students Rejoice!

Are you a student looking to hone-in on your waxing skills? Looking for the perfect kit with everything you need to get started? Look no further! Student Wax Kit by SATIN SMOOTH is exactly what you need to perfect your craft! 

The ideal wax kit for beginners, our Satin Smooth® Student Wax Kit features our best top-of-the-line tools and materials. Everything they need is included: a portable wax warmer with advanced temperature control, our premium wax, a 40-piece accessory kit, and assorted applicators for facial and body hair removal. Top estheticians start as students. Make sure you give them the tools to succeed! 

Happy Training!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time for your Cameo!

Step out and make your make your Cameo with, Cameo Make-Up! Finally a line of cosmetics that has it all! Cameo offers a wide selection of products with an even bigger selection of colors! From Bright and Fun to Nude and Neutral, everyone will feel gorgeous in Cameo make-up.

Cameo is the perfect product to use and sell to your clients, with their Beauty Boxes and Mini Kits! Your clients will be ecstatic when they only have to purchase one products that has everything they need in one Kit, instead of buying 20 different products! Cameo's products are inexpensive and make re-applying throughout the night hassle free! Using Cameo products, you can enjoy smooth and effortless application!

The Eye Shaodow's are great for all eye colors and skin tones. The pressed powders give complete coverage and even skin tone while the Blush's highlight and awaken the face. With the use of the Pressed Powders and the right Blushs, you can create the perfect complexion! Top off your flawless face with one of Cameo shiny Lip Glosses!

Its hard to believe that at such a low cost, you get so much! Cameo has everything you need, quality, affordability, Fun Colors, and the Cases are super cute too!

Get Cameo and give your clients a fresh flawless face in the salon and at home!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cosmetology Kits - Complete Student Kits at Pure Spa Direct

Styling Buddy allows you to work
as if you were with a real client.
Before you get "behind the chair", you will need some essential items to brush up on your training. Pure Spa offers a wide selection of Beauty school tools to get you ready for esthetics, styling and cosmetology boot camp. We offer the same quality tools used in fine salons across the country. Check our our complete professional make-up kits, esthetician kits, styling kits, sunless tanning kits, student shear kits, texture shears, clippers, capes, blow-dryers, rolling cases, a variety of irons, brushes, and manikin heads... with every kind of hair type imaginable! We have the Manikin Styling Buddy -- so you can simulate a real client in your chair. Pure Spa Direct offers everything you will need while in school and in your professional beauty career. We look forward to serving you!

Unique, life-like hand with removable nails allows students to practice gel, acrylic, fiberglass, sculpting, maintenance,
nail art & airbrushing.

For the Nail Tech in trainee, we have the The Nail Trainer Kit. This is without a doubt the most effective training and practice tool for Nail Students and Technicians. Pure Spa Direct offers everything you will need while in school and in your professional beauty career. We look forward to serving you!