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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweaty Summer Smells Got Your Down?

Ewww... that smell
Can you smell that smell?
I walked over to my co-workers desk the other day and it smelled bad. I know he has exceptional hygiene, but it's 108 degrees outside... freshness is nearly impossible on summer days like this.  I figured my cubicle must smell pretty funky too, so I grabbed my Glade Tough Odors Solutions Air Sanitizing Spray to knock out the scents of summer.

With Oust technology, this hand little aerosol kills odor-causing airborne bacteria.  It eliminates even the toughest pet, food, bathroom, mold and mildew odors while leaving a refreshing scent so the room smells fresh and clean.

I think this is great for spas and salons to keep around because tough odors pop up - and can leave a lasting impression. Be prepared.

Check out Pure Spa for a large selection of odor solutions.