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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Catch Clients, Not Their Germs!

Almost every one I know is sick, or is working/living with someone who is sick. There are some nasty bugs out there getting hold of people and refusing to let go. Most people, a few days after antibiotics and rest start to feel better and slowly get back to their routines. Many also think a great way to really push the feel better effect is to get their nails done, hair done, a massage etc. My theory---you can never be too safe when it comes to the spread of germs.

Businesses can't shut down due to sickness and you can't do anything about sick clients coming in. Maintaining a clean environment is always a top priority, during the "sick" months it is vital!

Stocking up on your regular disinfectant to spray your implements and work stations is a good way to ensure germs don't have a chance! Also, keeping bottles of hand sanitizer on work stations, bathrooms, waiting areas...anywhere a client can see it will also help (think safety in numbers!!!) People may not think about carrying it or even using it, however if it is in their line of sight they are more likely to take advantage of it.

Don't let germs this season take over your business! Prevention is key!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Your Salon/Spa Staff is Covered in Germs!

Who's Your Buddy? That's Right... I Am!
OK, maybe that sounds kind of extreme, but it is true. It seems the only time we all become aware of germ spreading is when it is in the news... flu, SARs, fill in the blank out breaks seem to stir us all in to action for a while.. then when the media calms down, we all settle back to being a bunch of germ spreaders.

As with everything else in life, the key to making things work is the KISS principle -- you know, keep it simple stupid! If you put hand sanitizer dispensers in all your treatment rooms, by golly, the staff uses them. Lets repeat this... put hand sanitizers out and people use them. Simple! Pure Spa Direct offers a massive selection of hand sanitizers to help you stop the spread of germs between staff and clients. We have stand up floor dispensers, pump dispensers in a range of sizes, mini bottles you can give to staff for their pockets and purses as well as retail at your point of purchase. We even have the "Pal" - a cute bottle holder with feet and hands.

Be proactive and stop germ spreading BEFORE your staff and clients trade off germs, colds and other nasties to each other!

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