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Monday, March 11, 2019


Gel-Ohh Jelly Spa Pedi Bath Sets were a HUGE hit last week! We must have sold hundreds of cases - it was crazy! My favorite scent is the Sweet Citrus. Just a tip - don't put these in the toilet!... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Gel-Ohh Jelly Spa Pedi Bath selection HERE!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Season for Citrus

Ahh, the endless benefits of citrus. It is a great season to incorporate citrus into your treatments. Not only is citrus light, refreshing, and uplifting but it has an endless amount of benefits!

Grapefruit brightens and revitalizes skin. Especially great for anti-aging!

My grapefruit pick is Grapefruit Infused Facial Paraffin / 2 Lb. by Amber Products! It is extra filtered pure paraffin infused with pure grapefruit essential oil.
Ideal for the congested and oily skin. High in antioxidants!

Lemon is highly effective in fighting acne, brightening, and treating hyperpigmentation.

My lemon pick is Fresh Squeezed Lemon Cleanser by June Jacobs! It is a stimulating aromatic gel cleanser infused with lemon extract to gently sweep away make-up residue, dead skin cells, and impurities.

Tangerine helps with brightening, smoothes skin, prevents, and treats acne!

My tangerine pick is Soothing Touch Salt Scrub Tangerine.  Bring harmony to your clients with Soothing Touch's delicious Tangerine Salt Scrub. This rich mixture of Dead Sea Salt, Tangerine, Ginseng and our Ayurvedic Oil Blend is formulated to bring balance to the elements in the body. This treatment creates harmony within the body to allow harmony to manifest outside as well. Nourishing oils deeply moisturize the skin while mineral-rich salt scrubs it to a shine. This neutralizing treatment has a delicious fragrance and leaves skin smooth and stabilized.

Oranges are the least acidic citrus fruit, and are great for detoxifying skin!

Orange Blossom Exfoliating Milk by Ayur-Medic Skincare
Oil-free milk removes dead skin cells with glycolic and jojoba beads for a gentle and thorough exfoliation. Orange blossom soothes and refreshes the skin.

Monday, August 14, 2017

It's So Easy!

Got a sticky wax situation? Well clean it up with Easy Clean by Depileve! Sounds like an infomercial I know, but this stuff really works! We definitely sell it more than we use it, but it's great to have on hand for those tough clean-ups... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Depileve Easy Clean HERE!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Sweet Transition From Summer to Fall!

As the end of summer quickly approaches, spas are rounding out the last of the fresh, fruity treatments before transitioning into the cozy fall ones. Why not throw in something sweet to end the season off with some orange (summer feel, fall color!) centered treatments. There are so many awesome orange products, it doesn't matter what service(s) you offer, you can find great products!

Here are some favorites in all sorts of categories!

For facials:
Use a vitamin c ampoule before a mask or as the glide for use with a skin scrubber!

For body treatments:
Make your own masks, scrubs or peels! Orange peel and peeling powder are great for improving the texture and color of the skin due to all that lovely vitamin c. They also make great astringents

For nails:
Aside from the obvious orange polish and slippers/toe separators, you can add some orange essential oils to soaks, use orange peel or peeling powder to make scrubs or masks. Try out a La Palm Orange Marine Mask, salt glow, or lotion.

For massage:
Try out an orange scented lotion or add some essential oil to a carrier oil!

For everyone:
Have some orange essential oil or candles in the treatment room, offer orange teas, have orange robes and headbands.

You may also consider having a sale on orange retail items when client's purchase an orange treatment! Be creative!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Easy Clean!

Easy Clean - easy packing! This was a hot item last week - selling by the dozens! Who doesn't want their wax warmer and table to smell like a ripe orange after a your wax services? I know I do... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Depileve Easy Clean HERE!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Citrus Products for Happier and Brighter Clients!

Citrus oils are usually something that is associated with summertime and services offered in the warmer months. However, incorporating citrus oils and scents into your services in the winter is a great idea to offer your clients some uplifting and brightening, which at least here in New York, is needed right now with all this cold wintry weather! This is a great way to increase your income, by offering citrus themed services, as well as retail items.

You can add some warmth and brightness in aromatherapy, massages, and facials with lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, red mandarin, and grapefruit scents and oils.

In the winter, the skin gets sluggish and dull-looking. Used during facials, these oils improve circulation and stimulate blood vessels and capillaries to bring color and vitality back to the skin! Also, using these essential oils in aromatherapy will energize your clients and have them leaving feeling brighter and happier!

Offer your clients a ray of light in the winter months with some of these invigorating citrus-based products:
Essential Oils
100% Pure Essential Oil - Orange - Mandarin - Citrus Reticulata - 0.5 fl oz. by Aura Cacia
100% Pure Essential Oil - Grapefruit - Citrus x Paradisi - 0.5 fl oz. by Aura Cacia
100% Pure Essential Oil - Lime - Citrus x aurantifolia - 0.5 fl oz. by Aura Cacia
100% Pure Essential Oil - Tangerine - Citrus Reticulata - 0.5 fl oz. by Aura Cacia
100% Pure Essential Oil - Orange - Sweet - Citrus Sinensis - 0.5 fl oz. by Aura Cacia

Skin Care Products
Lotus Touch Citrus Body Polish
CND Citrus Illuminating Mask
CND Citrus Soothing Crème
CUCCIO NATURALE Tuscan Citrus Herb Butter Blend Hydrating Treatment for Hand, Feet and Body
June Jacobs - Citrus

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Creating An Air of Luxury In Your Spa

When I walk into a spa or salon one of the first things I notice, aside from the decor and overall feel of the space, is how it smells. Does it smell stale or have no scent at all? Nothing enhances a client's experience like walking into a place that smells heavenly. It adds to the client's experience and can essentially make or break their mood from the start. If anything sets them off negatively when they walk in, their perception of the service they are getting can be affected.

The  Timberwick Fireplace Crackle Soy Candles are phenomenal for creating a serene and peaceful ambiance in your reception area and your treatment rooms.

The different scents available allow you to customize the candle to certain treatments or moods.

My personal favorites are the amber and cedar and lavender citrus. If your unsure of what scent will fit your style there is also the try me pack so you can experience all the possibilities.

If scents aren't your thing or you're concerned about some clients not liking a particular scent you can still take advantage of the relaxing benefits of candles! Have you noticed how many people get lost staring into a fireplace? Candles can produce the same effect!

Some great unscented candles to try include:

 Candle - Gem Tone Unscented Jar - Violet 11 oz. by Aloha Bay / 11 oz.
These candles also come in white, indigo , red , yellow, orange and green to match your rooms!

If you're concerned about having a flame for safety reasons you can always go with flame-less candles such as:
 Flameless Wax Candle / 6" x 3.25" Round / Unscented / White Color

 Flameless Candle / 4" White with Purple Flowers / Unscented by Candle Impressions by Candle Impressions 

A small investment like this can significantly enhance your clients experience and also provide an opportunity to retail the candles as well!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Depileve Citri Clean

These Citri Cleans are flying out of the warehouse. I've never seen a product ordered so frequently in a long time. Maybe its the delicious scent or perhaps the citrus reminds people of summer. Who knows... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Citri Clean selection HERE!