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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Ultrasonic Cavitation has been around for years but, is now making a large comeback in the industry! Now is the time to buy, save, and start offering your clients this high-end body treatment!

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is an effective non-invasive method to breakdown fat deposits and reduces cellulite. When exercising or diet does not help, ultrasonic cavitation is the best way to solve cellulite problems!

Ultrasonic Cavitation technology is using narrow frequency ultrasonic waves to breakdown unwanted fat cells. Fat cells get dissolved and absorbed into the blood stream and then excreted in your urine. Treatment starts with selected body area and is conducted in a circular movement of the applicator in the selected body area. Treatment duration for each target area can be anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes depending on size and thickness of the fat layer.

Areas that can be treated by ultrasonic cavitation include:
  • arms- inner arm, back arm, full arm
  • abdomen- upper, lower
  • love handles
  • buttocks
  • thighs- front,back,inner,outer
  • back area- bra line, lower back
  • calves
  • ankles

This is the perfect Post-summer package to sell your clients on. 6-9 sessions are recommended with 1-week intervals! A 30-minute session can go for $140! 

The Meishida Ultrasonic Body Sculpting Cavitation with Red Light LED is the perfect unit for any salon/spa. Great for smaller spaces! 

Looking for something a little more modern? Check out the beautiful Ultrasonic Cavitation / Radio Frequency / Vacuum Non-Surgical Slimming and Toning Machine by Meishida! This is sure to wow any new client!

Happy Selling! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ultrasonic Cavitation: The Ultimate Spa Toning Treatment

While watching TV on my downtime, I can't help but notice the surge in gym commercials and body fitness infomercials offering dream results with the use of their products. Not only do these infomercials offer to help people lose weight, but more importantly, tone their bodies. This is especially important as we have entered Resort and Pre-Beach season.

Many-a-time I have been
tempted to to make 3 easy payments of $39.95 in the hopes of firming and toning my butt, hips and thighs. The one major drawback to those products is the effort required to achieve results that are not guaranteed. Liposuction is another option, but few people can afford the expense or recovery downtime. But what if you were able to offer your clients a relaxing treatment in your spa that should yield results in just a few short treatments?

A new slimming and toning treatment that is taking the esthetics world by storm is Ultrasonic Cavitation. Considered to be non-surgical liposuction, this groundbreaking treatment specifically targets and liquefies the cellulite fat cells that even the most strenuous workouts cannot combat.

To understand how Ultrasonic Cavitation works, it is important to first know the characteristics of Cellulite. No matter the size of women, whether skinny or curvy, 80-90% of us experience cellulite, as it is mainly based upon our genetics. Fatty cells become deposited and trapped in an irregular fashion between tough collagen fibers and therefore produce the rippled effect. People with thinner skin, or those who have lost a significant amount of weight may actually see in increase in the amount of cellulite on their bodies.

So how is Ultrasonic Cavitation different?

Many current treatments for cellulite involve squeezing, pushing and suctioning the cellulite-affected areas - thus redistributing the fat cells rather than eliminating them. Cavitation is different in that it works to turn the fat into liquid, which is then eliminated from the body via urine. By placing the ultrasound handles on the affected areas and massaging them against the skin, bubbles are formed in the fat cells, which then emulsifies them. Once the fat becomes a liquid, it is then able to be expelled.

A standard procedure typically takes about 30 minutes, with some results being seen after as little as 1-3 treatments. A total of 10-12 treatments over the course of 40-48 days is recommended for your clients to achieve optimal results. It takes about 72 hours for the fat from each treatment to be expelled from the body, so it is suggested that treatments are scheduled every four days. It is also important to remind your clients to eat well and to drink at least a quart and a half before and after the procedure.

Ultrasonic Cavitation is an up-and-coming toning treatment that has the
ability to garner you as a spa owner some nice profits. From the cost of the treatment to the suggested retail products, you can seriously boost your bottom line.

CLICK HERE to see the Ultrasonic Cavitation unit or feel free to call and discuss it at any time with one of our Customer Service Experts!