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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doing a Retro Barber Shop the Right Way!

These days, it is all about Retro style, and barber shops are no different! Men want a place they can go to feel comfortable, pampered, and come out looking their best, and barber shops styled after the old days of yore are becoming increasingly popular.

Thinking about retro-fitting your barber shop? Just because your style LOOKS old doesn't mean it can't offer convenience. Check out some of our favorite Retro Barber Shop Products below:

The Anton Barber Chair is upholstered with a rustic Chestnut Brown leather like vinyl, has antique style metal accents, and features heavy-duty white fiberglass from top to bottom. This barber chair also features towel hangers under each armrest, a right sided reclining lever, a flip up footrest, an adjustable headrest, and an authentic metal accent calf rest with plush cushioning for additional client comfort. The Anton Barber CHair reclines up to 45 degrees for professional shaves. For lifetime value, this barber chair is built on an NG1 Pump & base with a matching white fiber glass covering to accent the chair design.

What's a barber shop without a proper barber pole? This Barber Light Pole represents the ultimate symbol of barbers - then and now!

Ok, ok, so maybe this isn't retro - but the whole idea of a hot shave with a straight razor and warm foam brings back images of barbers throughout the ages!

What are some other essentials for an old-time barber shop?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Classic Barbershop Vibe with Pure Spa Direct

Even though we are in a time where everyone is all about the next big thing: what is new and shiny or fast,  I prefer to take it back to the classic times... when I go to the barbershop that is. The times when barbers used to shave you with the old fashioned razors, not the new buzzers.  Pure Spa Direct has those old fashioned razors as well as the Barber Strops.  Something about the vibe in a classic barbershop gives a trusting feeling that when your there you don't have to worry about your hair, because by the time they finish, you will be satisfied.  For all those barbershops that have that classic feel to them, visit Pure Spa Direct  -we have the items you'll need to keep the old times coming.