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Friday, June 17, 2011

Waxing-Poetic on the Taboo

It is time talk about one of the most taboo subjects in the Beauty Industry - Double Dipping, i.e., using the same wax applicator stick to apply wax to each and every client, day in and day out. Whether it is for an eyebrow or for a Brazilian, 90% of the spas and salons I have been to double dip and use the same half of 1 penny stick. In fact, one of my new favorite spas, which went to the effort and expense of purchasing autoclaves for their nail equipment, also employs the double dip method.

Whenever I try a new spa for a waxing procedure, I am laying on the table bracing for impact. And no, not for the scalding hot wax that will rip my hair out and the first layer of skin off, but rather, for the germ-infested applicator stick that has been used on toes, eyebrows, underarms, va-jayjays and every other part on the human body. In addition, questioning the methods used by the woman wielding said wax is a next-to-impossible undertaking, since the last thing anyone wants to do is anger the hair remover.

The practice is so widespread, in fact, that a select few spas and salons are advertising the fact that they do not double dip - an act of common sense that is not so common. Its about time for everyone else to get in on the trend of New Dip = New Stick. This practice is a necessity to help maintain the cleanliness of your salon and or spa and the comfort of your clients. You did not work so hard to build business, only to be brought down by a 4.5" piece of wood.

So - how do you implement this change in the most cost effective way for your spa? Purchase Mega Bundles of waxing applicators from Pure Spa Direct. We carry all sizes, from Large to Extra Small. See below for the Cost Breakdown:
Make the switch today. Update the hygienic practices in your spa and do your part to end Double Dipping!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Manscaping - Demand Grows for Male Waxing Services

Depilieve's NEW Bronze Wax specially formulated for tough, thick hair. This soft, strip wax formula contains salicylic acid to prevent ingrown hairs and Ginseng to revitalize and repair skin.

These days, more men are waxing rather than shaving to achieve a smooth gladiator look all over! (Mmmm... Spartacus). This new demand has Salons and Spas expanding their menus to include men's standard bikini wax or a Brazilian bikini wax, and it's not coming cheap; in major metro areas men are paying up to $150 for these services. With the ever increasing popularity of "going smooth" you should have a wax on hand for the job. I would also strongly recommend No Scream Cream. Men can use this topical numbing cream 30-45 minutes before waxing sensitive areas to DRAMATICALLY reduce waxing pain!