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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Time For A Upgrade!

Everyone has been calling, and looking for new backwash units this week! Must mean its time for some upgrades in the world of beauty! 

Are you ready to take your shampoo sinks to the next level? 

Get out of the 90's (even though we love them), and step up to the new modern look of the Eetu Shampoo Backwash Unit by KI NEW YORK!

The Eetu Shampoo Backwash Unit features a modern design with a white porcelain bowl with a raised back ledge and facet fixture, and offers a tilting mechanism for an easy adjustment. These features prevent from access water splashing the operator. The base of the The Eetu Shampoo Backwash Unit has a white fiber glass protectant, formed to the sink base for an easy-access back and side plumbing. The Eetu chair top is upholstered with durable black PVC vinyl and double stitching. This chair also has a natural chair recline with plush padding for amplified client comfort!

Your clients will love the new look! Happy Renovating! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seap Proyectos - Super Sexy Salon Furniture from Spain

There is a lot of the same 'ole salon furniture out there, but every now and then, we discover something different, something fresh and exciting.  Pure Spa Direct now offers one of those discoveries... Seap Proyectos.  Seap makes super sexy, super well made salon furniture that they refer to as "The Essence of Design". We could not agree more. Salon Chairs, Styling Stations, Shampoo Backwash Units, Reception Desks and Reception Furniture.  Hot hot hot.

Before you check it out, you better brace yourself... because you are going to HATE your current salon furniture once you see it!  OK, I warned you.. here is a video:

Am I right? Hot! The salon chairs are available with round, square or 5-star bases in 23 upholstery choices... including snake skin!  The look of the whole line is fresh to death. Oh and there are even styling stations with flat screen TVs in the mirrors... that is just cra cra!  They are not kidding about "The Essence of Design" in Madrid Spain!!

Check Out the Hot Salon Furniture from Seap-Proyectos at Pure Spa Direct here: