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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Take Your Shampoo To The Next Level With A Massaging Backwash!

Most people I've talked to all love getting their hair washed at the salon. Sometimes sitting in the chair while someone massages your head is just what you need to recharge and re energize.

One thing I have heard mentioned is how people wish the shampoo chairs can feel stiff or uncomfortable on their lower back. If you or your clients have ever mentioned not being comfortable, or you'd like to avoid the chance at all, take a look at the DIR Alpine Shampoo Backwash Unit - Massage With Electrical Leg Rest. 

With high density memory foam with high grade soft vinyl, this chair provides superior comfort from the start! Add in the roller-ball Shiatsu massage on the back, vibrating seat and leg-rest massage along with an electrical footrest and you've transformed your backwash unit to a heavenly seat of relaxation! The massage functions are controlled by an easy to use remote, no need to worry about fumbling around for on/off switches! You can also add on the vacuum and hair trap if needed for an additional amount! This throne also has plumbing access for both backwash or side-wash setups.

Your clients will be amazed at the level of care you put in to be sure they are feeling maximum comfort at all times!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Time For A Upgrade!

Everyone has been calling, and looking for new backwash units this week! Must mean its time for some upgrades in the world of beauty! 

Are you ready to take your shampoo sinks to the next level? 

Get out of the 90's (even though we love them), and step up to the new modern look of the Eetu Shampoo Backwash Unit by KI NEW YORK!

The Eetu Shampoo Backwash Unit features a modern design with a white porcelain bowl with a raised back ledge and facet fixture, and offers a tilting mechanism for an easy adjustment. These features prevent from access water splashing the operator. The base of the The Eetu Shampoo Backwash Unit has a white fiber glass protectant, formed to the sink base for an easy-access back and side plumbing. The Eetu chair top is upholstered with durable black PVC vinyl and double stitching. This chair also has a natural chair recline with plush padding for amplified client comfort!

Your clients will love the new look! Happy Renovating! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tilt Your Neck Pain Away!

A trip to the hair salon always gives me seriously mixed feelings. While I am excited to get the ends chopped off and the roots touched up, I dread the time at the washing sink. Leaning back in the chair, with my feet dangling above the floor and my head hanging in space, it feels like I am in a long-term sit-up. The neck and back aches that result, along with my clothes becoming soaked, are extremely unpleasant. No matter how many times I try to relax, as per the instructions of the hair washer, the result is no different. I always thought I was alone in this experience, but literally every single person I have relayed this story to has shared similar or identical experiences.

I recently discovered, however, that neck pain can be a thing of the past with a tilting shampoo bowl. Rather than have your client lean back and try to adjust themselves in the bowl, you can bring the bowl to your clients. They merely sit back and the bowl is placed in a position that is perfect for the person's height. An added bonus can be having a small cushion on top of the seat - it gives extra height and extra comfort to your client. For the first time ever, I was able to close my eyes and enjoy the head massage, completely free of neck pain, back pain, and a soaked shirt.

CLICK HERE to see an attractive and cost-effective Tilting Backwash Unit by KI New York.