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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Massage For Allergies

With the change in seasons and sometimes chaotic weather changes, many people suffer from allergies. From itchy eyes and sneezing to headaches and full body aches, allergies can make people all around miserable.

Are you marketing your massage services to allergy sufferers? Massage is excellent for helping people deal with their allergy symptoms yet most people aren't aware of this! This is where we as massage therapists come in to educate them!

Massage is excellent at treating headaches, body pains, it boost circulation and reduce stress. It's a big circle, the symptoms are stressing the client out which is making them focus on the symptoms, making them worse. If you calm the client while easing their symptoms, the body can focus on dealing with the histamines.

Something as simple as posting a brochure or sign about your allergy relieving treatment will have clients calling to get their session in asap!

Here are some awesome relaxing and clearing essential oils to incorporate into the treatment:

Essential Oil Blend - Clear the Air
Eucalyptus Oils
Peppermint Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil

Be creative and blend up your own mixes to add into your favorite carrier oil for a clearing facial massage!

Be sure to have extra bottles of essential oils on hand to retail to your clients!

Also, check out the Aroma Pen...perfect to retail with the oils for your clients to have instant on-the-go relief!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clients and Allergies: Being Aware and Proactive

One of the scariest moments of my life was when I found out that I am allergic to shellfish. I had managed to live for 20 years without ever consuming any variety of shellfish, until, on a whim, I tried some raw craw fish. The end result was me collapsing in a food store with my throat closing due to an unknown and potentially lethal allergy to shellfish.
The reason that I am telling this story is not to instill fear, but rather to help you become more aware of your clients. The majority of slimming treatments on the market contain seaweed and/or marine fango mud. Many collagen treatments use marine collagen as the main source of collagen. How are those related to shellfish? Both contain iodine, which is the root cause of the allergic reaction.

Seaweed wraps are one of the most luxurious and effective treatments, however, they can cause skin reactions on those who are allergic to iodine. I recommend doing to following so as to protect your clients and yourself:
  1. Have every single client fill out an Individual Treat Profile Card. These will help you in finding out what their sensitivities are etc.
  2. Be open with your clients about the products and ingredients that you are using. If there is any concern regarding any of the products, do not use them.
  3. Offer substitutes! Sedona Mud, Coffee and Chocolate are fantastic substitutes for seaweed.

Other types of products that I advise being aware of are Massage Oils, Lotions and Creams. The majority of massage supplies on the market contain nut oils, which many people have sensitivities and/or allergies to. While many massage therapists prefer the nut oils due to their excellent slip, it is important to have nut-free options as well. Both Soothing Touch and Pure-Ssage offer nut-free versions of their products.

What other products can you think of that would be good to have substitutes for?