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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lemon Restores!

Are you looking for a new special for winter that's going to set you apart from your competition?

Maybe something different than the typical winter menu items. What about lemon?

Lemon Balm is in the Mint family and is known for cooling and restoring a depleted, exhausted system...but not the kind of exhaustion that comes from exercise, sport or physical exertion, but the kind that comes when one is over-extended, anxious or unable to sleep, due to prolonged periods of mental or emotional "selflessness". This is a powerful remedy to use when mothering a newborn, dealing with a stressful emotional situation or taking care of a sick or elderly parent.

It's winter, its cold, seasonal depression kicks in, and you can give your clients a natural boost!

Try adding Farmaesthetics Lemon Balm Remedy Oil to your services.

How does it work?
Bath Soaks, Massage or Benefit Booster to any lotion. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of desired Remedy Oil to the Nourishing Lavender Milk or Nourishing Herbal Cream will super-charge the preparation to target specific conditions.

Important healing ingredients-
  1. Sweet Almond Oil: A light, odorless, high-grade fruit kernel oil - wonderfully nourishing to the skin.
  2. Lemon Balm: A member of the mint family, Lemon Balm is appropriate for use for the most sensitive and/or weakened of conditions. It is known as a potent treatment for anxiety and insomnia, especially in new mothers and pregnant women, whose systems may be depleted from all the demands and hormonal changes of their bodies. Farmaesthetics uses Lemon Balm in its whole herb form, which is a powerfully complete way to administer all the known benefits of this gentle, non-toxic herb.
  3. Vitamin E: Used to stabilize all of Farmaesthetics natural non-aqueous formulations. Benefits of restoring skin's elasticity. Assists in healing scars and preventing stretch marks in the skin that is being stretched from pregnancy or weight gain.
For an extra touch add Organic Invigorate Tea - Peppermint-Lemon Mood Booster, before, during, or after the service! It's an extra added touch that will really wow your clients.

Create the perfect environment by adding Soi Candle Thai Lemongrass

Jar Candle Thai Lemongrass - An exotic blend of Thai Lemongrass and Bamboo. This candle will burn for about 140 Hours. Each candle is hand poured, using only the finest ingredients and fragrance oils available.

Inspired by the passion for fragrance, love of exotic travel and strive for clean living. Aqua de SOi’s beautiful packaging and exotic fragrances will create a luxurious environment for everyday living wherever you choose.

All products can be retailed too!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old School Cool, Part 2 - Soapstone Aromatherapy Diffusers

Welcome back to the second installment of our "Old School Cool" series! Doug previously praised the "Old School Cool" of the Traditional Ayurvedic Massage Oil Warmer. Today, let's see how cool Soapstone Diffusers are!

Soapstone Diffusers are the perfect addition to any treatment room, and adding one won't take up another plug! In this high-tech, digital age, we seem to think everything is better if it plugs in. The more I learn about aromatherapy and about the benefits our bodies and minds reap from essential oils, the more I wonder....should we be using something we plug into a wall to diffuse essential oils? Well, if you wonder the same thing, its time to go old school cool with these beautiful, hand-carved Soapstone Diffusers! Instead of having a diffuser that looks like a piece of equipment, use a diffuser that looks like a piece of art in your treatment room!

Available in varying designs, these diffusers are hand-carved in India and are made of soapstone, which is a solidified form of talc, and is rich in magnesium. These eye-catching pieces are so easy to use, simply fill the bowl with hot water, add 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil, and light the tealight underneath! Within minutes your space will be filled with your favorite scent, and your client will be marveling at the beauty of your diffuser!