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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1st Rule In Tanning....

Never show your STRIPES! Seriously, no one likes stripey hands, elbows, feet, or knees!

This is the first sign of a fake tan! Lets avoid this... MineTan Blending - Barrier Cream is the perfect way to ensure your client leaves even and over-spray free! Apply all over those dry/callused areas of the body that typically absorb the most color.

MineTan's Blending Cream is specially designed to diminish or completely stop the development of tan on unwanted areas. Not only will it block any developing DHA but, it will leave your clients feeling soft, and hydrated!

A perfect tan, every time! Happy Spraying :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Spray Tan Equipment to Ensure Client Satisfaction all Through Tanning Season

Tanning season is in full swing, so I wanted to touch on an important subject - cleaning and maintaining your spray tanning equipment! Since your equipment is essential in performing these services, it is vital to the success of your business that you keep your spray tanning equipment in tip-top shape.

Daily Maintenance 
An example of tanning equipment that
has not been properly maintained -
Buildup of tanning solution on your
equipment can lead to equipment failure
  • Clean gun daily. If you are spraying clients back to back, you do not need to clean the gun between
    each client, but if you have time between appointments, be sure to flush your gun after each spray. Tanning solution can get caught in the gun and cause clogs or "speckly" spray tans! Spraying  airbrush cleaner, followed by clean water, through the gun after your last appointment each day will keep your gun from getting buildup stuck inside.
  • It is recommended that you empty all solution left in your solution jars at the end of the day. Never let them sit overnight!
  • Wipe down the outside of the gun, paying special attention to the cup threads on the gun and on the cup. If solution is left on the threads, your cup may not attach properly, and could come loose during a treatment.
  • Wipe down exposed parts, including the turbine/base, hoses, cords, etc. It is important that the motor is able to breathe freely, so avoid allowing overspray or dirt to build up on any part of your unit. The easiest way to keep this from happening is to wipe it down daily. 
  • Be sure to clean any trapped hair, dust, etc from the intake vents to prevent overheating and/or fire hazards.
Tanning Solution buildup on plugs can be dangerous. A quick wipe-down
each evening can help prevent damage to your equipment.

Weekly Maintenance
  • Clean filters. Locate the filter on your unit, remove, and wash with warm, soapy water. Allow to completely air dry before replacing.
  • Thoroughly clean all parts of your gun, including the needle and spray nozzle. Follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Periodically thoroughly rinse all solution jars under warm water in the sink.
Spray tanning is becoming more and more popular, and this is a great service to add to your treatment menu to increase client satisfaction, loyalty, and your bottom line. If you are not currently offering spray tanning, and would like further information about this very profitable service, contact Pure Spa Direct's Sunless Tanning Team at 800-434-0018!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spray Tan Body Blotters... Your $9.99 Insurance Policy!

Anyone who has ever given a spray tan service knows that mistakes do happen.  No need to fret! Pure Sunless Body Blotters can fix some of the worst spray mistakes in a jiffy and your client will never even know you made a boo boo!

Body Blotters are highly absorbent, lint & texture free - they are ideal for blotting airbrush tanning mistakes on the skin without streaking or blotching. You may be thinking, "Oh I can use a towel or paper towel and do the same thing" - THINK AGAIN!  Body Blotters are amazing... no streaks, no marks, no patterns, no lint... nothing... just highly absorbent, easy to work with magic in a 50 pack!

Keep Body Blotters handy during spray tan services... they are your secret insurance policy!


  • Highly Absorbent
  • Lint Free
  • Texture Free
  • Size: Each Body Blotter is 10" X 13.5"
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: 1 Pack = 50 Disposable Body Blotters
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Check 'em Out Here:

Monday, October 31, 2011

Healthier, Safer Alternative to UV Tanning: Spray Tanning Can Boost Your Confidence and Your Profits

On October 25, 2011, the LA Times reported that a new study indicates that "For every four visits per year to a tanning booth, risk for basal and squamous cell carcinoma jumped 15% and risk for melanoma rose 11%." Wow. That's a scary thought. A tan makes you look slimmer, healthier, and boosts your confidence. But is it worth the increased cancer risk?

There is always another that is safe, effective, and
can be a huge profit center for your tanning or salon business. Sunless tanning! Sunless tanning has come a long way from the orange, streaky "fake tan" it was when it was first developed. Now, you can offer your clients a safe way to remain tan all year round, and even offer various shades and darknesses to keep even your most discriminating clients happy!

By offering the Pure Sunless Tanning Solutions and Extended Vacation Tanning Products, you open up many new avenues of profit for your company, while offering your clients a safe, affordable alternative to UV tanning! With treatment costs as low as $2 (using Tahitian Tea or Premium tanning solution), your potential profit from 1 gallon of tanning solution could be $1,650 or more! If you sell just 25 Extended Vacation Tan Extenders per week, your total profit from that product alone is $14,400!

Not only is sunless tanning a smarter choice for your clients, it is a smarter choice for your business as well!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Maximize (Sunless Tanning) Results with the MaxiMist HVLP Tanning System!

Calling all Spray Tanning Salons! With spray tanning season right around the corner, is important to have equipment that will sustain the busy time of year. When purchasing a spray tanning system, it is necessary to consider a machine that is reliable, durable, and worth the investment. The MaxiMist HVLP Tanning System maximizes tanning results at an unbeatable price.
The MaxiMist HVLP Tanning System is perfect for both in-salon use or mobile tanning! This unit is extremely easy to work with because of its durability and light weight. The Maximister gun allows for easy application by the sprayer and a quick session for the client. This little powerhouse is designed to support 20-25 applications/ 5 days a week...enough to install confidence in this machine, without the worry of it burning out on the go or mid-tan!

Two other great units by Earlex are the SprayMate HVLP Tanning System and the MaxiMist Pro HVLP Tanning System. The SprayMate is adorable and the smallest unit available. The small size makes it convenient for transport and storage, and it is excellent to practice with if you are a new professional just starting a business.

The difference between the MaxiMist and the MaxiMist Pro is the gun. The MaxiMist Pro comes with two spray guns: the MaxiMister and the Pro MaxiMister. The Pro MaxiMister Gun, which is made of stainless steel construction, offers an unrestricted air flow, providing the best atomization, and features a simple single flow adjustment to obtain the perfect flow for your needs. As compared by the manufacturer, the MaxiMist can be considered a Toyota Camry and the MaxiMist Pro can be a BMW. While the Camry is an excellent car and is very reliable, the BMW is more luxurious. The MaxiMist Pro has a stainless tip allowing for a finer mist, creating a better tan, and will be easier to “drive” by the user.

Check out all 3 top sellers here!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COLD Spray Tans Hurting Business? Kill the Chill!

"Feels like I'm basking in warm sun"
For most, winter spray tans are almost unbearable. When I resolve to have one, you can hear my BLOOD curdling screams from down the hall! With every pass of the spray gun, my entire body tenses and shivers, and I lose it! The cold air, the cold room and the cold tanning solution are too much for this girl to bear. I asked myself, "WHY, WHY, WHY am I doing this? There has got to be a better way!"

Recently, I set up a heat lamp in the tanning room. This BRILLIANT 5 head lamp gives off SOOTHING, heat that elevates pleasure and alleviates the torture of a cold airbrush tan. The lights are warm, comforting and feel like the sun! An extra boon to using the lamp is that is emits dry heat it, which "bakes in" the tanning solution color. I have noticed a much faster dry down, with very little rub off . There is also a richer tan development color as a result of using this method! The infrared energy allows the active ingredients in the tanning solutions to penetrate deeper, creating exceptional tan development! This is a great way to turn your clients airbrush tanning experience into a top-notch spa ritual in any season! The key is - the lamps heat up enough to make the client comfortable, but NOT perspire. This ensures nothing interferes with the tanning solutions' development. The lamps also offer clients a great way to feel pampered, rather than sticking them in front of a cold fan or even worse, handing them a blow dryer and telling them to dry themselves <--not a very classy option!

Available here: