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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Feet

Did you know that the bottom of the foot is over 20 times thicker than the rest of the body? The feet need major pampering, and we have some key ingredients to help you out with that!

Oranges and citrus, in general, are great for softening due to their high level of acid. It's also extremely effective in reducing any pain or discomfort, and leaves a refreshing sensation.

For a customized service or pedicure try using products by La Palm!

La Palm Products Orange Tangerine Zest Softening Sugar Scrub / 1 Gallon
La Palm Softening Sugar Scrub exfoliates and softens using essential oils and minerals.

La Palm Products Orange Tangerine Zest Soothing Salt Glow / 1 Gallon
La Palm Soothing Salt Glow exfoliates and softens using minerals and natural oils. Ideal for smoothing rough or callused skin.

La Palm Bath Flowers - Tangerine - Dissolving Pedi Bath Soap / 1 Gallon by La Palm
Beautifully scented petals float gracefully in water while cleansing spa bath for pedicure treatment. A delightful pleasure for your senses as the treatment cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Perfect for whirlpools and pedi bowls!

Finish the Service with La Palm Products Orange Tangerine Zest Healing Therapy Massage Lotion / 1 Gallon
La Palm Healing Therapy Massage Lotion restores moisture to dry, tired skin. Combines a special blend of collagen, elastin and botanical proteins.

Pair with callus remover for best results!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cracked Feet, Sweaty Feet, Smelly Feet, Dry Rough Feet, Callused Feet... Allpresan Footcare to the Rescue!

Let's face it... foot problems are pretty gross. Do any of these conditions sound appealing? Foot Fungus, Cracked Feet, Sweaty Feet, Smelly Feet, Dry Rough Feet, Callused Feet. I don't think so.

Luckily, there is an amazing line of footcare for both professional use and for you to offer as retail that resolves these less than pleasant issues. Allpresan’s line is dermatologically tested, free of colorings and preservatives and is suitable/recommended for diabetics.

Allpresan the original footcare foam, was introduced to footcare professionals in the mid 1990s. With over 2 decades of proven results, the product line has expanded to include solutions for every foot care need. The professional Allpresan PRO footcare product line with the innovative and proven BarrioExpert Foam Technology and Lipo2 Repair Technology was developed by foot care experts in Germany (great cars and amazing footcare...what can't German scientists and engineers do?!).

The line offers your clientele the best solution for the prevention and care of individual foot problems from dry skin to foot fungus and is available wholesale to spa/salon/medical professionals at Pure Spa Direct!

  • Allpresan is the ORIGINAL Foot Foam Cream
  • Provides two decades of proven results with products for every foot care need
  • Operates on OWN patented technologies which lead to outstanding and sustainable results
  • Breathable formula, fast penetration, no greasy residue - clothing can be applied right after use
  • Fragrance free, no colorings and paraben free
  • Suitable for use by Diabetics & those with sensitive skin