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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Disposable Nail Products Will Make Your Salon the Most Popular Around!

Nail salon cleanliness is a hot topic these days, and nail salon clients are looking closer and closer at what goes on behind the scenes at your nail salon (See Rebeca's "Cuticle Soup" blog). With concerns such as infections and wounds, clients are more aware of nail salon practices, and looking around your establishment with a wary eye.

Wouldn't you rather be known as the cleanest salon in town? Clients notice even the smallest details, so it is important to show your clients that their safety is important to you....even if you have to charge slightly more to cover the costs. In the long run, you will definitely benefit from the clean practices.

Some "Clean" Nail Salon Practices:
Disposable files and buffers
are ideal for cleanliness and comfort!

    Use disposable nail files and nail buffers to set your clients at ease. The mini block buffers are the perfect size for just 1 use, and with some priced under $0.05/client, they are affordable, too!

    Other disposable items are a good idea too - disposable toe separators, slippers, and even manicure cups for soaking. Any item that could potentially house germs and cooties, if you can make it disposable, do it. Clients will adore you for it!

    Invest in an autoclave to thoroughly sterilize all of your metal tools. Use it properly, and be sure to let your clients see you opening the sterilized pouch. They will feel more confident in your hands.

    Never leave water standing in your pedicure tubs. Pedicure tubs must be cleaned after each and every use. Try the new Pedi Spa Cleaner by Spa Redi! Even better, instead of a pedicure spa, use a Footsie Bath featuring clean, hygienic, disposable liners to ensure cleanliness for each and every client!
    A little extra effort will go a long way with your clients - and your profits!

    What are some of your "Clean" Tips?

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    Vinylux 7-Day Challenge - Day 3 UPDATE!

    Well, I am almost halfway there - Day 7 is approaching quickly! As of today, Day 3, my Vinylux is still holding strong. It is still very shiny, and I am just showing some minimal wear along my free edge. All in all, it still looks great!

    **Take care when applying - be sure to cap the free edge really well, and i bet your clients won't even see any wear along their free edge.**

    Vinylux Grape Gum - Day  3
    One thing I noticed with Vinylux - it is not becoming brittle like traditional polish. Normally, by Day 3 of a manicure, my polish has become brittle and begins showing evidence of tiny spidery cracks. I am not seeing any of that happen with my Vinylux, which is great news!

    Have you applied Vinylux for any of your clients yet? What are your thoughts on application?

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    The 7 Day Vinylux Challenge - Day 1! Is Vinylux a Game-Changer?

    CND has been taking the nail industry by storm in the last few years. First, they released Shellac - the biggest nail trend...well, probably ever! They changed the game for salons, providing the Power-Polish gel manicure that applies like a polish and lasts 2 weeks.

    Now, it seems CND has done it again with the release of Vinylux....but this time, they took it one step further. Vinylux is perfect for application in the salon, but since it does not require a lamp to cure, and can be easily removed with nail polish remover, clients can perform manicures and touch-ups at home. This opens up a whole new avenue for retailing these products to your clients, creating more revenue for your salon!

    I know what you are thinking - you already have a full line of polishes, gels, and gel polishes. Why do you need more?

    Why we LOVE Vinylux

    1. Simple, 2-step process: color polish, top coat. That's it! No base coat, no curing. SUPER EFFICIENT!
    2. 8.5 minute dry time. So fast!
    3. Flawless color lasts without chipping for 7 days!
    4. Easy removal - no soak-off, no drill. Even remove at home!
    That all sounds great on paper, right? Well, here is the REAL test! I performed my first Vinylux manicure last night, and will post updates over the next seven days to see how well it lasts.
    Vinylux Grape Gum - Day 1

    Initial Thoughts: Love the polish formula - applied smoothly, not streaky or clumpy. I felt odd applying color direct to my nail, but I can certainly get used to one less step! I did apply 3 coats of color (instructions recommend 2 coats) - I didn't feel that I had evenly applied the color after 2 coats. I think that is a reflection of my application skills rather than the polish, though. I usually apply 3 coats of color.

    Each coat dried really quickly - by the time I applied polish to each of my 10 fingers and started at the beginning again for the next coat, the previous layer felt dry instead of tacky, so I didn't end up with weird brush marks near my cuticle. Definite plus!

    I performed my manicure about 45 minutes before I hit the sack - usually, this is a recipe for disaster. I am the Queen of destroying my manicures with Sheet and Bedding marks. However, my Vinylux was still perfect when I woke up this morning - not a Sheet Mark to be seen, hallelujah!

    The only oddity is how the polish feels - it is almost rubbery, not hard, shiny, and glossy. It looks shiny and glossy, the finish just doesn't feel like regular polish. But, if it lasts, that is A-OK with me! On a final note: I do feel like the striations in my nails are accentuated with this polish, but I am not sure if it is the color or the polish itself. After my 7-Day Challenge is over, I will try another color to compare!

    Check back in a couple of days for some picture updates from my 7-Day Challenge....and pick up Vinylux for your salon today!

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    Out of This World Nail Trend - Holographic Shades

    The much-anticipated China Glaze Hologlam Collection is finally here! These holographic colors look great out in the sunlight and are more toned down than other holographic nail polishes, so they are perfect for every day wear for any occasion! China Glaze Hologlam uses reflective, holographic particles to capture light and transform nails into amazing, ever-changing visual effects. With a strong linear finish whether indoor or shining bright in the sun, China Glaze Hologlam creates an illuminated three-dimensional, traveling color effect across the nail.

    There are 12 new colors in this collection, all with eye catching names that are outer space inspired!

    China Glaze Hologlam Colors:
    Astro-Hot: soft, baby pink.
    When Stars Collide: warm maroon.
    Sci-Fly By: light, silver blue. 
    Strap On Your Moonboots: midnight sky blue. 
    Galactic Gray: is a warm, gunmetal gray. 
    Get Outta My Space: soft powdered violet.
    Not In This Galaxy: bright, warm coral.
    Take A Trek: cool, denim blue.
    Infra-Red: warm, magenta pink.
    Don’t Be A Luna-Tic: turquoise aqua.
    Cosmic Dust: silver metal.
    OMG A UFO: warm, moss green.

    With these colors, you can give your clients "out of this world" manicures! =)

    Friday, February 15, 2013

    Your Gel Polish services can now be even more profitable!

    Universal Top Coat - high-gloss shine,
    durable formula, for a fraction of the cost!
    Star Nail's Eco-Systems Universal Top Coat just made your Gel Polish services even more profitable!

    The entire nail industry knows how big Gel Polish Services are right now. I am sure most, if not all, nail technicians have already identified that while these services are the most popular services around, they are also more expensive to perform. A bottle of Gel Polish color is roughly 4x more expensive than traditional nail polish, and the base and top coats are just as, if not more, expensive.

    Not any longer! Star Nail's Eco-Systems recently released a UNIVERSAL Top Coat - touted for use with ALL Brands of soak-off UV gels and hybrid polishes, this UV or LED-light cured top coat runs about the same price as a traditional top coat! Available in 2 sizes: 0.5 oz and larger, professional 2.5 oz size.

    According to

    • Extreme high gloss finish 
    • Quick and easy application. Apply just like a polish and cure! 
    • Works with any LED or UV light 
    • Soaks off in minutes! 
    • Durable, long-lasting formula 
    • Get 5x MORE PRODUCT from ergonomic patented tilt bottle (compared to other 1/2 oz. brush-on formulas)
    What are you waiting for? Scoop up your bottle today, and see the difference in your bottom line it makes!

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    Long-Awaited, Highly Anticipated - The NEW Signature Collection Pedicure Bowls Are Here!

    Great news! The brand NEW Signature Pedicure Bowl Collection by Noel Asmar is finally available for immediate shipment.

    Created with Noel Asmar's timeless style, these new lightweight, durable pedicure bowls and accessories will take your pedicures to the next level. Your salon will look beautifully chic, no matter what your decor. These Pedicure Bowls offer an elegant and hygienic alternative to large, loud, expensive pedicure thrones. The resin surface is non-absorbent and scratch-resistant, allowing for thorough disinfection between clients. They also feature a reinforced bottom that can easily be drilled for plumbing.

    Pedicure Bowl Features:
    -Lightweight, long lasting, durable material
    -Stylish textured base resembling stones
    -Discreet markings inside bowl indicate water level to ensure manageable lifting weight
    -Optional plumbing opportunity - features reinforced bottom for drainage placement
    -Created with a color matching system that assures consistent color matching batch after batch, ideal for reordering over time
    -Optional carry case makes mobile pedicures simple! (available separately)
    -Quality Workmanship - Made in Canada
    Available in 6 solid colors and 3 trendy color combinations, the NEW Signature Collection Pedicure Bowls are great for in your salon or on the move! 

    Also available are matching footrests, manicure dishes, and treatments dishes to complete the set! Which color are you dying to get into your salon?