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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't Get Caught With Ugly Towels!

No one wants to sit down ready for their haircut by a master of their craft, only to be wrapped up in a shredded, bleached stained towel! Not a good look. Time to freshen up, and replenish your salon towels!

Bleach Proof Towels by Soft 'n Style are resistant to losing color... even with bleach or salon chemicals! Made from the finest ring-spun cotton. They come in a variety of beautiful colors!

Check out the full selection here!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How Spa Towels Can Make Clients Question Your Business...And What To Do About It!

What do your towels say about YOUR business?
You work so hard to make your spa the perfect oasis for your clients - everything from the lighting, the scents, the retail, not to mention the furniture, equipment, and decor. But when was the last time you looked at your towels? 

Towels, while wonderful little inventions, do get tired and worn after time and many, many washings. Why undermine your perfect space with grungy towels?

Clients are looking at EVERYTHING when they come into your spa, and well-worn towels will not go unnoticed. Some clients are more understanding or forgiving than others, but would you want to risk the relationship with a life-long client over the state of your towels? Some people automatically think that just because towels look a little tired they are dirty. Or they may feel like for as much as they are paying for your services, you should be able to afford new towels. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any way of knowing exactly what is going through a client's mind at any one time, so you don't want to risk it - replace those towels as soon as they no longer look new!

Luckily, Pure Spa Direct offers a HUGE selection of towels, in many different sizes, colors, and fabrics - perfect to suit all of your spa needs. 

Whether you have designed a casual, eclectic space where your clients feel like they can curl up in your comfy chairs and spend the afternoon chatting with their friends, or if your space is high-end perfection, we have the precise towels that will complete the experience for all of your clients.

Check out some of our favorite brands below!

The Turkish Towel Company
Hand Towels
Bath Towels
Fitness Towels
Makeup Towels

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Presenting...The Smartest Salon Towel Ever Designed!

Why hasn't anyone thought of this yet? Hands down, the best towel ever made for a salon - the V-Cut Towel! Yes, I am a bit excited about this... Isn't is always the simplest designs that blow us away the most? Hair stylists everywhere, you can now style your client's hair without the towel being in the way!

A simple cut in the towel makes the towel lay flat around the client's neck - making your job easier, and keeping your client clean and comfortable! Check out the video below:

PS - Estheticians! The V-Cut Towel is the perfect facial towel too - wraps around the face quickly and easily, without extra bulk!

Check it out today!

V-Cut™ Towels - Black by Product Club

V-Cut™ Towels - White by Product Club