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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Magnification Made Portable

With traveling businesses on the rise, it's so important to have the right equipment.

Check out the newest Mag Lamp by Aven! It's great for portable use, or for a smaller space.

Aven's OptiVue LED Magnification Lamp is convenient, compact and versatile. Featuring a flexible 11" gooseneck arm 4", 5-Diopter (2.25x magnification) crystal-clear round glass lens, 36 ultra-bright SMD LEDs, and a weighted base for added stability. Includes a removable fixing ring for easy lens replacement.
  • 4", 5-Diopter (2.25x magnification) crystal-clear glass lens for distortion-free viewing
  • 11" flexible gooseneck arm
  • Swivel motion allows rotation of the lamp head
  • Weighted base with decorative metal ring
  • Simple lens replacement


The OptiVue Desk Lamp offers 36 ultra-bright LEDs for shadow-free illumination.
  • 36 ultra-bright SMD LEDs
  • Max illumination: 570lm
  • Color: White light

The gooseneck arm can be set for your preferred lamp angle and stay in place in that position!

For more magnification lamps by Aven click here!

    Friday, September 25, 2015

    Top-of-the-Line Magnifying Lamps, Made in the USA, Available in TEN Colors - All Right Here At Pure Spa Direct!

    Over the summer, I wrote a blog about the top 3 Tools Every Skin Care Professional Should Invest In to accelerate their business, and the #1 item was a mag lamp.

    Pure Spa Direct just added a top line of mag lamps that will help you grow your business, while looking fabulous and giving you peace of mind! GreenLite Mag Lamps by O.C. White are here, and they are amazing!

    What makes these mag lamps stand out from the crowded market? Aside from the fact that they are Made in the USA, by a company that has been around nearly as long as electricity has been in use, these lamps will quickly pay for itself through energy savings. Did I mention that these lamps are available in 10 different colors? If you are striving to make your space fun, hip, or simply less medical looking, these lamps are a fantastic option! Sticking with white equipment? No problem! The Medical White color is perfect too! With an array of base options available, you can customize these lamps to suit your space perfectly. No more "rigging" your lamp to make it work - get the one that YOU need! And if your needs change in the future - CALL US! We can help you out with a different base option as necessary!

    Not convinced yet? Maybe this impressive list of features will help!

    Lighting Features:

    • Highest lumen output in a lighted magnifier
    • Reduced glare, heat and energy consumption
    • Multi-angle LEDs for shadowless lighting at a full range of focal lengths and heights
    • User controlled LED groups shine desired level of light exactly where required
    • Superb dimming software via convenient, reliable membrane switch

    Optical Features:

    • Precision ground, optical grade glass
    • Largest lenses in the industry
    • Standard 4 diopter (2x) lens – O.C. White exclusive
    • Optional 5 diopter (2.25x) lens available

    Electrical Features:

    • Low voltage (15-24v) power supplies are auto-switchable with worldwide approvals
    • Plug in around the world by simply switching the end power cord
    • Energy Star compliant (each unit uses 8 watts maximum)
    • Auto shut off at 4 hour intervals to prevent energy waste while users are away
    • 12 Foot Power Cord

    O.C. White Magnifying Lamp
    with built in Woods Lamp
    is the ultimate multi-purpose
    lamp on the market!
    Mechanical Features:

    • High quality die cast aluminum shades and all steel arm components for ESD safety
    • Patented "Elite" arms are slim but have the greatest holding power of any arm of this type in the world
    • Virtually "maintenance zero"
    • Features "soundless" springs - the same technology used in O.C. White microphones for true quiet adjustment!

    • 5 years or 50,000 hours pro-rated LED warranty
    • 5 year mechanical warranty…best in the business

    O.C. White Green-Lite Magnifying Lamps:

    Saturday, September 5, 2015

    Struggling with Your Lash Services? iQ Is the Answer!

    Daylight's iQ Magnifyier is ideal for the spa setting!
    The Daylight Company has just released their most modern, sleek, and effective magnifying lamp to date - the iQ Magnifier. Don't struggle any more - check it out today! 

    The iQ LED Lamp with its modern, sleek ergonomic design has a large 1.75x crystal clear lens and 60 ultra bright daylight LED's for accurate viewing of details. The lamp is dimmable to 4 settings. It has a flexible joint between the head and spring-balanced arm, which allows for effortless movement and long reach with accurate positioning and no drift. The iQ has 60 LED's which are high quality and long life. No bulb or tube to replace. 

    Key Features:
    • Ergonomic and professional magnifying lamp
    • 60 daylight premium quality LEDs with 4 Brightness settings (100%, 55%, 40%, 20%)
    • Lamp brightness: 6,300 Lux at 15cm (6")
    • Large 17.5cm (7”), 3D (1.75X) light weight lens with Swing Arm 12D (4X)
    • Unique quick swap lens mechanism no tools required
    • Effortless free-motion head joint & arm - holds any position
    • Heavy duty arm with covers & reinforced joints
    • Long reach 118cm (46.5") max

    • Light source: LED
    • Lux output at 15cm: 6,300
    • Dimmer: 4 brightness settings
    • Light colour temperature: 5,500-6,500°K
    • Energy consumption: 12W
    • Product color: White/Grey
    • Product dimensions: 57x 23 x 90 cm
    • Maximum Reach: 118cm
    • Product Weight: 3.6kg
    • Cable length: 2.5m
    • Lens size: 17.5cm
    • Magnification: 3 Diopter (1.75 X)
    • Extra magnification: 5D (2.25X) and 12D (4X)
    • Lens material: Acrylic

    Sunday, August 30, 2015

    Top 3 Tools of the Trade Every Skin Care Pro Needs!

    I just read a great article in SkinInc about the 3 Tools of the Trade Every Skin Pro Needs. When I saw the article, I started guessing to myself - oh! a steamer! definitely a lamp! microderm abrasion? oxygen facial?

    Then I read the article...and realized I was right and oh so wrong! According to SkinInc, the 3 Tools Every Skin Pro Needs are....

    #1: Magnifying Lamp or Headset
    Ok, this one was almost easy. My second guess. But why is it so important? Analyzing your client's skin is the #1 job you have...after all, how can you treat it if you don't know what is going on with it? I fully support the necessity of a good Mag Lamp. Pure Spa Direct has a massive selection of Mag Lamps to fit any budget - so make sure you have the tools you need!

    #2: A Professional Uniform
    While this was NOT one of my initial guesses, as soon as I read it, I definitely mentally facepalmed. OF COURSE you want to look the part! When you look clean and put together, clients will trust you! Your clients MUST trust you if you will be working on their skin - but will they trust you enough to purchase retail from you as well? Pure Spa Direct offers some of the most beautiful and functional Spa Uniforms on the market today!

    #3: Products That Go the Distance
    WOW what a powerful one! In order to be successful, retailing is key! You can perform the most incredible facials, but without follow up at home, your clients will not see the results they are hoping for. Choosing your product lines very carefully is key! Pure Spa Direct offers 3 high-end product lines from around the world:

    June Jacobs - Made in New York, this line is featured in high end spas and hotels around the world. They are plant-based and free of preservatives!

    Alchimie Forever - Formulated by dermatologists in Switzerland who have 20+ years of clinical experience and use the most potent antioxidants. This line is effective at delivering visible results for youthful skin!

    Control Corrective - This line is all about transformation! Made in California, there are different collections that are color coded to make merchandising easier for your clients!

    Sunday, August 18, 2013

    Don't Overlook the "Little" Things That Can Make a BIG Difference In Your Business!

    Sometimes, in life, at work, or in business, we overlook the "little" things - but it is those little things that often lead to a good day, a bad day, a successful week, or a month of struggle. I wanted to share with you one of those "little" things that just might make the difference in your business.

    One of the staples of any aesthetic room is a magnifying lamp. How much thought have you put into your magnifying lamp lately? Not much, I bet! Your trusty "little" magnifying lamp is always there when you need it - to light the way, to help you focus on the details....but what happens when you are in the middle of a facial, and your trusty "little" mag lamp doesn't light the way?

    The point of the matter is that some equipment, including mag lamps, often are taken for granted.  Our clients stress over which multifunction to purchase, agonize over which product line to use - but put almost no thought into which mag lamp to purchase.
    there are hundreds of uses for them, and almost all beauty industry businesses use them, I find that mag lamps are some of the least thought about equipment!

    I know mag lamps are just one of those "little" things, but if you think about it, this "little" thing has the power to help you rock a service, or run into a problem. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I recently had the pleasure of using the Equipro Robusta Mag Lamp, and boy let me tell you - I will no longer overlook the "little" things!

    The Robusta lamp features joints that are a little bit different than most of the mag lamps you have probably used in the past. These different joints allow for a much lower occurrence of wear and tear, and these lamps almost never malfunction. I know this mag lamp is slightly more expensive than some of the other mag lamps we offer, however, the extended confidence you can have in the Robusta lamp more than makes up for the higher price tag. Plus, the life expectancy of the Robusta lamp is longer than many others, making this lamp less expensive to own per year!

    Don't get caught without the "little" things that make your services successful! Check out the Robusta lamp today!